TextPipe Pro

Lab Version: 7.8.11

TextPipe Pro is a text processing application that takes a group of files and applies a set of operations or filters to each file in turn. Each filter performs an operation such as a search and replace, adding text to the left margin, converting end of line characters etc, and then passes the result on to the next filter, just as though the entire file had been processed using that filter first. TextPipe Pro has an extensive range of over 100 filters for adding, deleting, replacing, sorting and transforming text. Common tasks like converting files between PC, Macintosh, Mainframe and Unix formats are well catered for. With TextPipe's command-line automation or COM interface, complex processing tasks can be performed without user intervention. Filters included can also split and join files, add line numbers, word wrap, convert between OEM and ANSI and remove duplicate lines/HTML/columns/binary characters/ANSI codes.

Web sites can be maintained easily with multi-file search and replace, and the ability to add standard text (such as copyright messages or banner advertising) to the start and end of each file. Multiple spaces and blank lines can be quickly removed to improve download times.

TextPipe Pro replaces a substantial set of smaller text utilities with a unified and easy-to-use GUI. General users, web authors, administrators and programmers can readily perform complex text-processing with a minimum of technical knowledge.

TextPipe Pro makes it fast and easy to convert, transform and re-purpose data in text files, including

  • HTML, XML and other structured documents from the WWW
  • Fixed length or delimited files (CSV, Tab, Pipe, etc)
  • Unix, Mainframe and PC/Windows end-of-line formats
  • Inside Zip files, and the new Microsoft Office 2007 formats DOCX, XLSX, PPTX
  • ASCII, ANSI, Unicode and EBCDIC files
  • Security log files from firewalls, web servers etc
  • EDIFACT, HL7, SWIFT and other structured formats
  • Spooled print files
  • Structured and unstructured reports of any size or dimension

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